/ creative redemption

I’ve always made things while growing up - from barbie clothes to shark-saving environmentalist web campaigns in high school. I never found it strange that as a child, DIY mosaic projects, magazine collages and scooby-doo pleating intrigued me more than spending time with other people. I would always shrink into my own little maker-world, where whatever I did was neither wrong or right, but just part of expressing who I was.


Fast-tracking to university, I went to study Visual Communication and later on decided to major in Illustration. Surrounded by loads of creative people, I almost fell back into the same habit of comparison. Then, my life changed. I met my Creator and lover of my soul - Jesus. I started living a full life for Him, and later on, realised that I could no longer separate my study-life from my personal life to the extent that I previously did.


When I experienced the freedom Jesus provides, it flowed over into my illustrations and my creative processes. The shy, stiff, black and white photography girl now created out of joy and liberation which could not be contained.



I never realised the value of creativity until I found myself in High School. Often feeling unworthy because my realistic drawing skills falled short of (my own) acceptable standard, I slowly started creating less and less.


The things that I created for school was done fór others and viewed by myself, no longer fór myself and viewed by others. I struggled heavily with depression, and even though I knew doing something creative could ease the weight of insecurity and anxiety, I was never bold enough to find my own voice of expression. 

I realised my quest in Illustration is not only finding a personal style which communicates, but ultimately a quest finding who I am in God -  through creating.

 Lots of love,