/ and what I learned about creativity in the past five months


I have finally settled in South Africa after arriving about two weeks ago. I cannot believe that my time in Itlay has gone by so quickly. 


Most of you have been following my journey on LUCA’s  Instagram page for the past few months - but for those of you who didn’t - I have been living and studying in Florence, Italy since January. My subjects included advanced printmaking, screenprinting and textile design, fashion product development and painting. 


My time in Florence was filled with rainy days and canvasses, gelato in busy piazzas, notebooks and takeaway pizza’s and of course a lot of people watching and pastries in Florentine coffeeshops.


I have also had the privilege of travelling to various places in Italy and visited Spain, Denmark, Netherland, Sweden, France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland and Israel. I could write an entire book about my experience travelling on a budget, late night train connections and cheap Ryanair flights!

The past few weeks I have had the chance to reflect on my enriching experience; tracing back paths I have walked with the Lord and celebrating every challenge, opportunity and victory all over again. ‘Perseverence’, ‘joy’, and ‘vision’ are a few words that have attained new meaning to me in this past season. Part of this reflection time was also to see how my creativity and illustration work and interest has grown: 


- I realised the importance of sharing my work with others: it is a privilege to have people interested in what I do and it is a blessing that others are interested in the way I creatively interpret how I see and experience life. 


- I realised the importance of PLAY in creative work - how creativity and art have the potential to free and liberate us in our constant quest of finding our identity in God. 


- I am still in a massive journey of finding production methods for LUCA that create sustainable, beautiful products which have a positive impact on our social and physical environment. 


In conclusion,  I want to thank each person for your support and encouragement in the past few months, especially concerning my creative work. 


I am currently working on freelance illustration- and graphic design projects while hosting pottery workshops and classes from my studio in Johannesburg. (Stay tuned for more updates on that). 


Until then, for any information concerning creative collaborations, freelance jobs/ projects or final sales of the ‘Mending Ways’ range, don’t hesitate to contact me at

 Lots of love,